About Mythago


Mythago was formed in 1997 as a ‘new, radically different, ritual dance team for West Sussex’, which would bring to life the mythic past of Albion through music and dance. These legendary tales are woven though story-telling and masked dances in the Border/Bedlam morris tradition, combining haunting melody with wild and primal dancing.

Amongst the tales we tell are those of:

  • The Green Man – The cycle of seasons and the spirit of the Wildwood.
  • The Knuckerhole Dragon – A traditional story from around Lyminster (Sussex).
  • Herne the Hunter – A folkloric figure whose ghost haunts the greenwood.
  • The King’s Men – The story of the Rollright stones near Oxford.
  • Cerridwen’s Cauldron – The story of the birth of the great bard Taliesin.
  • John Barleycorn – A tale of the spirit of the corn.
  • The Turning of the Old Year - A tale of the Holly King & Oak King.  

Our dances are in the Border/Bedlam style of Morris dancing, which originates from around the Welsh/English borders (Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire), and involves a lot of noise, stick clashing and energy. As with all Morris, its origins are lost in the mists of time. There are very few recorded, traditional, Border Morris dances, so like those who have gone before us, we continue to create dances in the vein of this vibrant and living tradition.

As a side embracing music and dance, Mythago have a large core of musicians, many of whom also dance. Our music comprises of traditional and modern tunes, some written by our own musicians, which are played on drums, violin, melodeon, mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, banjo, and whistle. We play our instruments amplified and are heavy on the percussion!

Unlike many morris sides, Mythago not only dance at pubs - we are more often seen at festivals and events both locally and further afield - whether at Stonehenge, Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, the Weald and Downland Museum, the Steyning Apple Howling, and Horsham day of dance to name just a few.

Mythago Dancing 'Thor's Hammer'